Section 512, what it all really means


This Pie Chart above from, a popular tech humor site, is not real information, but rather a satirical statement to display the confusion surrounding the DMCA and what it all really means.

I personally love to read legislation but I understand it’s not everybody’s cup of tea. So, to make all the legal jargon a little bit simpler, section 512 also known as the “safe harbor” provision or take down provion, makes it so that Internet Service Providers are not held responsible for the content that users host on their servers so long as they abide by a few conditions.

The ISP must not have any previous knowledge of the material that is considered infringing on their websites. If the provider has the right and ability to control the infringing content or activity, it may not receive any financial benefit in direct relation to infringing activity.

Lastly and most importantly, upon receiving notification of claimed infringement, the service provider must take down or block access to the content as soon as possible.

If, upon receiving a proper notification, the service provider promptly removes or blocks access to the material identified in the notification, the provider is exempt from monetary liability. (2)


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